Clay Pottery Statue

Antique (1/2)

  • Antique Chinese Hand Sculpted Clay/art Pottery Statue Display Of Figures
  • Antique Chinese Hand-painted Glaze Enamel Duck Goose Figure Clay Pottery
  • Antique Chinese Mudmen Immortal Li Tieh-kuai Mud Ware Clay Figurine 1890-1919
  • Antique Chinese Pottery Statue Painted Terracotta Clay
  • Antique Chinese Pottery Clay Roof Tile Immortal Man Riding Phoenix Rooster
  • Antique Chinese Han Dynasty Pottery Clay War Horse & Rider Statue
  • Antique Qing Dynasty Chinese Green Glaze Parrot Pottery Roof Tile 9.5 Tall
  • Vintage Or Antique 15 Tall Chinese Tang Dynasty Style Sancai Pottery War Horse
  • Daruma Monk Tiger Fushimi Doll Statue Okimono Japanese Antique Clay Pottery Art
  • Rare Antique Japanese Clay Figure Glazed Statue Pottery Of Nodding Geisha Meiji
  • Antique Amphora Art Nouveau Pottery Gentleman Bust Statue Male Figurine
  • Antique Chinese Mud Men Collection Figurines Statues 30 Count
  • Antique Pre Colombian Relic Statue Sculpture Unknown Primitive Large Bowl
  • Antique Chinese Hand-painted Glaze Enamel Duck Figure Clay Pottery Cloisonne
  • Chinese Mud Man Men Pot 8x6 Oxblood Sumida Gawa Style Bonsai Mudman Antique
  • Chinese Mud Ram 2.25 Unmarked Mudman Antique Goat On Plinth Turquoise Purple
  • Antique Chinese Qingwu Mud Man Ceramic Wiseman Immortal Figurine Sage C1890-1919
  • Monumental Paolo Marioni Antique Italian Roman Bust Classical Statue Sculpture