Clay Pottery Statue

Top Items

  • Frankoma Gerald Smith Art Pottery Blue Nude Female Woman Ceramic Statue Vase
  • Antique Chinese Qingwu Mud Man Ceramic Wiseman Immortal Figurine Sage C1890-1919
  • Antique Amphora Art Nouveau Pottery Gentleman Bust Statue Male Figurine
  • 9.8china Pottery Clay Pure Handcrafted Monkey King Sun Wukong Pick Peach Statue
  • Antique Chinese Roof Tile Warrior Riding A Foo Dog On Lucite Base Mud Figure
  • Set Of 5 Vintage Chinese Mud Men Old Men Figurines Marked China 3 1/2 4 4 1/4
  • A Very Cool And Unusual Native Pottery Sculpture With Hidden Faces
  • Mary Garber Pogs Raku Pottery Sculpture Hippo With Cigar
  • Large 16 Italian White Buffalo Clay Terracotta Statue Bison Made In Italy
  • Vintage Studio Pottery Bust Statue Sailor Boy Child Signed Contemporary Art
  • Chinese Mud Man Men 11 Oxblood Shiwan/ Shekwan Warrior Mudman Marked Drip Glaze
  • Chinese Mud Man/ Men Beige & Brown Robe Basket 5.5 Drip Glaze Mark China Mudman
  • Vladan Stiha Ceramic Pottery Lady Angel Figurine Statue Wall Hanging Signed Rare
  • Original Sculpture Clay Figurine By Helmi Dagmar Juvonen Drummer Signed
  • Numbers Man Bennington Pottery
  • Fantasy Sculpture Griffin
  • Antique Qing Dynasty Chinese Green Glaze Parrot Pottery Roof Tile 9.5 Tall